Family Crests

Many of our families have crests. You will be able to find them in this location on each tree.

Related Families

Many of the families have begun to blur. In this location you will find links to family trees that are connected to the tree that you are currently looking at.

Welcome to the Family Tree

he Family Trees are for the characters of Bardic Web, it offers writers a way to keep track of who is related to who as well as family history for some characters that may not work into the actual biographies.

If you would like to have your character's family tree added, please contact Y'Roden D'Riel at The Family Tree home with the following information: an outline of the family tree, and an image representation, please include one of the following 1) an attached image, 2) a link to where the image can be found, or 3) the Actor/Actoress' name.The image is not necessarily needed, however, if you are not sending an image, please include the sex of the entry as there is a blank used for both male and female.

Each CHARACTER is the property of their writer, names and pictures have been used when provided. The image representation of one character may be used to represent another, if this happens and you don't approve, please contact the writer by using the Inbox at the main website and work something out, do NOT draw me into it unless the situation has been resolved.(I will not be held responsible for such cases)

Alcarin Al'Teron Al'Terre Al'Trekis Amherst
Arketh Bel'Myn Black Conchobhair Culachain
Danna-Riel Darcy Davan D'Riel Dunnachie
Dynawd El'Haie Farach?in Fearguis Gealbh?in
Grey Havenlock Khor Lis'Suna Lauchlan
Lochlannach MaKell Mars Modar M?rdha
Muldoon Murachadh Ra'Meh Riker Ross?virin
Ruthven Silverwing Talacharn Tanagar T'Elle
Thorneton Urdrul W'Cren Wyvern